• Dr. Herpy

How Quarantine Affects an Athlete

During this crazy pandemic, we have all been put on lockdown. Everyones at home, sleeping, doing nothing. This might be pretty normal for some, but for athletes, they are very used to being out at practice or games, and always on their feet. I talked to one of my friends, Kenzie Parker, who competes for Rockstar Cheer. She has had a big change in schedule and methods of  practicing. “Before Coronavirus I had 2-3 practices a week that were each three hours. Now I have two a week and each is an hour and a half long,” said Kenzie about her new schedule. It is a pretty big change going from at least six hours a week to three. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on how much you like the sport, but Kenzie prefers actually being at the gym practicing. “I don’t like the zoom calls because there is no motivation when I’m at home. I liked it better when I was in the gym and my coaches were pushing me.” When we are at home, it makes sense to not have any motivation because all you wanna do when you can’t go out is lay in bed and do nothing. But, the online calls aren’t all that bad, for Kenzie “I actually have learned many workouts to help me get in shape faster,” she added. So in conclusion, a lot of athletes have been having hard times staying motivated and exercising. But kenzie proves that you can easily do it and stay in shape during this time.