• Dr. Herpy

Upcoming Volleyball Season Interview

The 2020 fall sports season is on its way. Unfortunately, much of the summer training has been canceled due to the Ohio High School Athletic Association closures until July. I asked some soon to be seniors how they are feeling about the upcoming season. I asked each of them:

How are you preparing for the season ahead from home?

Emma Hershberger: “Me and my sister have been preparing almost everyday and we also made a board to pepper with ourselves. I have also been trying to stay in shape by working out.”

Emma Lutz: “I have been preparing for the season by working out a lot and just staying in shape.”

Rachel Weber:“I have been working out almost everyday and practicing outside with my brothers when it’s warm enough!”

What are you looking forward to for this season?

Emma Hershberger:“I am looking forward to playing with my best friends one last time. I’m excited for all the experiences the seniors get and senior night.”

Emma Lutz: “I am looking forward to to just the whole experience playing a sport I love as a senior and taking the most out of it as I can.”

Rachel Weber: “I’m looking forward to being a senior and leading the program with my friends. I’m also excited for team dinners and bringing the program closer together.”

What was your favorite summer activity with the volleyball program?

Emma Hershberger: “My favorite summer activity for volleyball is for sure the car washes because we’re all goofy and make them fun. I also really enjoy team dinners because it’s a good way to bond with teammates.”

Emma Lutz: “My favorite summer activity is the car washes. It is a really good way to get to know everyone and a really good time.”

Rachel Weber:“I love car washes! It’s so fun to be with my friends and raise money for the program.”

What game are you looking forward to the most this season and why?

Emma Hershberger:“I am looking forward to the Riverside game because they have been our rivals since middle school and it is always exciting to play them.”

Emma Lutz: “Definitely Riverside! Biggest rival. I never liked them.”

Rachel Weber:“I’m most looking forward to senior night because it’s usually a really intense game, and I will be a senior this year so it will be super fun!