• Dr. Herpy

Preview of the Upcoming Season for the Kenston Gymnastics Team

After an outstanding season this year with placing first at the Western Reserve Conference and making it all the way to districts as a team the Kenston Gymnastics team has a lot of work to put into this year to make some major improvements to get better than last year. I decided to talk to Junior Maria Hammerle and see how she felt about this upcoming season and what needed to be improved with the team and overall what her hopes were going into the season and what she thinks will be the outcome. How do you feel about the upcoming gymnastics season? “I’m looking forward to the upcoming season and am very excited to see how amazing we do this year,” said Hammerle. What are your hopes for the team to accomplish throughout the season? “My hopes for the team this year are to be able to win Western Reserve Conference again and hopefully make it to states as a team-Hammerle. What do you think needs to be improved from last season? I think we need to do more activities as a team to help build more team dynamic and help bond everyone more as well as put together more fundraisers for the season,” said Hammerle. What do you think will be the outcome of this season? “I think the overall outcome of this season will be us as a team making it to states and having a successful season throughout this upcoming year,” said Hammerle. Finally as being a senior for the upcoming season what kind of role does that give you towards the team? “I think being a senior this year will give me a chance to be a good role model for the team and to have a positive influence on the underclassmen and any incoming freshman,” said Hammerle. Overall it looks like the Kenston Gymnastics team is looking to have a bright and successful season ahead of them and they are in the works to be able to accomplish this.