• Dr. Herpy

Cam Newton’s Complicated Free Agency

Cam Newton was released by the Carolina Panthers for having not one of the great seasons he should be having. He suffered an injury which caused a backup to replace him for the season. At the end of the season the Panthers went to a rebuild phase to start fresh. They started with a new head coach and released Cam Newton and signed Teddy Bridgewater. Now Cam Newton has no team but has some odds of where he may end up. The first team was the New England Patriots, which would be the best place for him because the Patriots just lost Tom Brady and have no true quarterback leading the team. We all thought Cam Newton would sign but he says he will not be a backup to any team. At this point no one knows where Cam Newton will go. He could go anywhere as of now or possibly never play in the NFL again. If Cam Newton was to end up somewhere we would want it to be Cleveland. Jordan Wilson said,”Cam Newton would help out the Browns in a great way especially since he has super bowl experience”. If Cam Newton was to sign with the Browns he would have an easily super bowl caliber team.