• Dr. Herpy

2020 Virtual Draft

Roger Goodell presenting the NFL Draft Virtually The NFL draft was on Thursday April 23, and the Browns had the tenth pick in the first round.  The first overall pick was Joe Burrow and he went to the Cincinnati Bengals.  Joe Burrow was a Heisman Trophy winner, and he won a national championship and he was the national championship MVP of the game.  The Draft was performed virtually with fans cheering via Zoom. They showed all the players and their families in their homes waiting to see if they made it to the NFL.  When the pick was in they would put the camera on Roger Goodell the NFL’s commissioner and he would say who the team picked.  After he said the name of the player they would switch it back to the player to see their reaction.  Shortly after the announcement of their team, they get interviewed about what they think and how they feel.  The Cleveland Browns drafted Jedrick Wills with the tenth overall pick.  Jedrick Wills played Tackle for Alabama and will be doing the same thing for the Browns.  In the first round in the NFL draft there were three Ohio State Buckeyes chosen, Chase Young to Washington Redskins, Jeff Okudah to Detroit Lions, and Damon Arnette to the Los Vegas Raiders.  Overall I thought it was a good pick because the Browns don’t have the best line but it’s starting to get better with every pick and trade.