• Dr. Herpy

What You can do to Stay Active in Quarantine

Although there is a global pandemic happening in today’s world, this is a perfect time to get up and get active. While stuck in captivity, you can still do easy things to get your heart rate up and get your body moving. Something just as small as going for a walk around your neighborhood with you dog or parents is perfect!

There are so many parks that are still open where you can go for a hike or a run. We have many little trials around the Bainbridge and Auburn area that is perfect to take pets, family, and yourself for a nice walk/run. You can also take your bike for a ride and get exercise that way as well. Another way to stay active and also focus on your sports, is do drills with your siblings or family members to help prepare yourself for the upcoming seasons. The drills will obviously not be as intense or out together, but it is always good to keep practicing the skills needed for your sport.

Although exercise isn’t important to everyone during quarantine, it is important to keep our bodies moving. We only have one body so we should try our best to keep it clean and healthy. This is the perfect time to stay active and treat your body well! While talking to junior, Micayla Paglia she explains her favorite way to stay active. “I love to go on walks with my family around our neighborhood. We have nice walking trails which is always nice to have close by. It has also been so nice out lately so swimming in my pool has also been one of my favorite activities during this quarantine.”