• Dr. Herpy

5 Interesting Questions You Didn’t Know You Had pt.3

#1. How do you grow seedless grapes?

Most fruit today doesn’t come from seeds, but from cuttings. A small piece of vine or branch is cut off, treated, and placed in the soil so roots and leaves form.

#2. Why does a tiny speck of dust in your eye hurt so much?

Your cornea -the clear, outer layer of your eye that covers your iris and pupil -has lots of nerve endings. If you get some dust in your eye and then rub your eye, you can drag the dust across your cornea, making the pain worse, or even end up embedding the foreign object in the cornea.

#3. Why is it called a “hamburger” if there’s no ham?

The hamburger is named after Hamburg, Germany, the city where the type of meat (but not the sandwich itself) was first popularized.

#4. Why are oranges the color “orange” and not something more clever?

Well, the color “orange” is actually named after the fruit. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, earlier versions of the word for the fruit came about around 1300, while it wasn’t used as the color until the 1540s.

 #5. Why did cosmonauts bring shotguns to space?

They brought the shotguns in case they landed in Siberia, they wanted to be prepared to fend off bears.