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Kenston girls soccer: Coach, side acclimate amid new normal

Published in The News-Herald
August 14, 2020
Chris Lillstrung

When Jonathan Kostoff was hired in March as Kenston’s girls soccer coach, he reasonably wondered aloud what getting acclimated to his new side would look like.

Now, he and the Bombers know.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has created challenges enough for high school sports, in regard to how to proceed and progress safely with so much still unknown about the fall.

Doing so as a new coach at another school like Kostoff is in 2020, though, increases the degree of difficulty.

But Kostoff, who came to Kenston after two laudable seasons guiding the Beachwood girls side to improved form, hasn’t been fazed.

“I think it’s gone really, really well,” the 2018 News-Herald girls soccer coach of the year said. “I think there’s a couple reasons for that. Once we got the green light to begin Phase 1 training, doing a lot of foot skills and conditioning, everyone with their own ball in the beginning, it was really, really good. There were a lot of girls that came out, and I think the girls were just excited to be back on the field, no matter how it looked.

“Luckily for us, we’re still in Phase 3 training full-contact. It’s been really, really good. Our numbers have been fantastic. The turnout rate has been through the roof. And the girls are working extremely hard, so it’s been a smooth transition.”

In order for training to remain smooth for any soccer coach, however, it has likely required more investment in thinking about preseason training than ever before.

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