• Dr. Herpy

August 16, 2020

Join the Speech and Debate Team!  Just email Coach Voudris at stephan.voudris@kenstonapps.org to express your interest or to get more information.  Speech and Debate is a fun academic competition against other high schools that focuses on public speaking, debating, writing and acting skills.  Because of COVID-19, tournaments are being held online via the internet for most of this season, rather than in-person.  Similar to a swim or track team, students compete in one or more of the thirteen events against approximately twenty schools at each tournament.  Instead of only one event occurring at a time as at a swim meet, all students compete in their event at the same time in separate classrooms (or Zoom rooms) in four or five separate rounds at each tournament, against different schools in each round.  Students debate topics such as whether college athletes should be paid and whether there should be price controls on prescription drugs, write speeches on topics such as horror movies and wearing seat belts, or perform a ten-minute portion of a play or book.  We don’t have try-outs; everyone is welcome.  Speech and Debate has been a tradition at Kenston for twenty-one years!