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What to Watch on Netflix This Month

By: Maria Insana

Netflix Updates : Netflix 'Shuffle Play' Feature Randomly Streams Selected Titles - Variety

Throughout Covid-19 and the worldwide quarantine, the amount of citizens that watch Netflix has greatly increased. Some shows that were popular during this time in our homes are, Outer Banks, Tiger King, The Society, Love is Blind, All American, The Circle, and Ozark. Today, September 16, 2020 the top ten Netflix programs in the U.S. are as followed:

  1. AwayNew Netflix Series "Away" Starring Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary  Swank Debuts September 4 [VIDEO] - Morty's TVPets United | Netflix Wiki | Fandom
  2. Cobra Kai
  3. Pets Unitedyou're all right, larusso. — Netflix's COBRA KAI first official  poster.Season 1...
  4. The Social Dilemma
  5. Get Organized with the Home Edit
  6. The Babysitter : Killer Queen
  7. Cuties
  8. Ancient Aliens
  9. Cocomelon
  10. How to Train Your Dragon 2

The number 1 show in the U.S. today, Away, is about a commander named Emma Green who leaves behind her husband and daughter so that she can lead an international crew of astronauts on a three-year mission to Mars. The number 2 show in the U.S. today, Cobra Kai, is a spin-off of the original “Karate Kid” films. It portrays the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel throughout their new adult lives. The number 3 program in the U.S. today is a movie, Pets United. This is an animated story of a street-smart dog and a pampered cat who work together to lead a pack of unlikely heroes when their city is seized by a robot army, led by the evil mayor. 

Coming soon on Netflix: 

Now that Netflix is streaming the 3 Jurassic Park movies, it is dropping an animated series on September 18th. A New movie starring Millie Bobby Brown called Enola Homes is coming to Netflix September 23rd. Lastly, a new movie called Hubie Halloween starring Adam Sandler will be out on October 7th setting the mood for Halloween this year! Many people are looking out for season 2 of Outer Banks which has been confirmed and they have begun production. Netflix is always producing new programs and many more will be out soon!