• Dr. Herpy

Kenston vs. South

The Kenston Bombers took on their friendly rivals at Willoughby South on September 18, 2020. Last year, the Bombers beat South both home and away by winning 3 sets and only losing 1. Willoughby was ready for redemption, and they were ready to fight for it. I spoke with the varsity coach, Tara Everts, about the game plan for the match. “The biggest goal for the team is to keep the energy up, in every situation possible”.

Leah Jarmolowicz Junior, #27

The players expressed that same goal. Leah Jarmolowicz, a right-side hitter for the Bombers, gave her input before the game as well. “We really want to meet the expectations we have set for ourselves by getting excited and having fun while also playing to the best of our ability”. The athletes went out in the first set with these goals in mind, claiming the win 25-23. However, South did not give up. They came out swinging in the second set and won 25-12. In the third set, both sides fought but Kenston ended up losing 20-25. South needed one more set for the win, but the Bombers were not ready to give it up. There was much back and forth, but South won the set 25-20. It was a tough loss for the Bombers, but they made a lot of excellent plays and both the athletes and coaches were proud of how they played. The varsity team’s record is currently 5-5. They hope to change that next week with wins against Chardon and Madison. And in two weeks, a win against their biggest rivals, Riverside.