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5/7/21 – Whales Have Best Friends – Troy Krahe

4/30/21 – World’s Oldest Bird – Troy Krahe

4/23/21 – Disney’s Go Away Green – Troy Krahe

4/20/21 – Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices – Jacob Maniawski

4/15/21 – Music Made Out of Spider Web – Troy Krahe

4/14/21 – France Advises Vaccine Mixing for Some, Amid Clotting Fears – Jacob Maniawski

4/9/21 – Improved View of Black Hole – By Troy Krahe

3/18/21 – Sports gambler Benjamin Tucker Patz pleads guilty to threatening Tampa Bay Rays players – By Jacob Maniawski

3/12/2021 – “MLB will use experimental rule changes in 2021 minor-league season: Defensive shift limits, robot umps, more”- Samantha Stefancin

3/12/21- Rare “Locked” Letter Sealed 300 Years Ago is Finally Opened Virtually – by Tyler Wright

3/12/21- Texas no longer has a Statewide mask mandate.- by Jaclyn Hummer

3/11/21 – Lessons Learned in Quarantine – by Jenny Kapcio

3/11/21 – A $245 million payroll?! Why the Los Angeles Dodgers are outspending every other MLB team by a mile – by Jacob Maniawski

3/9/21 – Team LeBron wins NBA All-Star Game, but HBCUs were the real winner of the night – by Owen Bell

3/8/21 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s newest DLC fighters, Pyra and Mythra, will be available today – by Troy Krahe

3/7/21- Duke’s Men’s basketball out of ACC tournament, after COVID issue, season likely over. By :Aiden Doyle

3/5/2021- Tom Brady had a hilarious response to Colin Cowherd being critical of Baker Mayfield’s UFO sighting – by Samantha Stefancin

3/5/21- Covid-19 Live Updates: Tests fall in U.S., and farmworkers are a vaccine priority – by Jaclyn Hummer

3/5/21- Michigan clinches Big 10 Men’s basketball title. By: Aiden Doyle

3/4/21 – These Neighborhoods were once affordable but the climate crisis is changing that by Tyler Wright

3/4/21 – NBA postpones Tuesday’s Raptors-Pistons game: 31 scheduled contests now called off due to COVID-19 issues – by Owen Bell

3/3/21 – The Pandemic Has Been a Windfall for Billionaires by Jacob Maniawski

2/26/21 – Hayley Arceneaux: Cancer survivor joins first all-civilian space mission – by Presley Gabram

2/26/21- The First Black Hole Discovered is More Massive Than Previously Thought– by Madison Vrudney

2/26/21 – Seven dead in Nigerian military Plane crash, says airforce by Tyler Wright

2/22/21 – Ingenuity Mars Landing by Luke Dunnam

2/19/21- Mount Etna Erupts in Spectacular Fashion– by Madison Vrudney

2/19/21 – Serena Williams on Future: “If I Ever say farewell I wouldn’t tell anyone” by Tyler Wright

2/19/21 – Texas water shortage adds to power crisis as new winter storm moves in – by Presley Gabram

2/19/21 – Alex Trebek’s Old Clothes – By Troy Krahe

2/19/21- ‘When I saw myself like that, I cracked up’: How MLB Minis became a big hit with players by Jacob Maniawski

2/18/21- The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines by Jaclyn Hummer

2/12/21- In the Social Distancing Era, Boredom May Pose a Public Health Threat– by Madison Vrudney

2/12/21 – Tokyo Olympics ‘unlikely to go ahead in 2021’ by Presley Gabram

2/12/21 – Boston Red Sox send Andrew Benintendi to Kansas City Royals in 3-team deal by Jacob Maniawski

2/12/21 – Super Bowl Recap  By Troy Krahe

2/12/21- Cleveland Browns beat Pittsburgh Steelers in NFL playoffs by Anthony Franklin

2/12/21- MLB changing baseballs by Brendan Garvey

2/11/21 – Japanese Soryu submarine collides with commercial ship while surfacing in Pacific by Tyler Wright

2/11/21 – Tianwen-1, China’s mission to Mars, has entered orbit by Maxwell Robarge

2/10/2021 – The Best Super Bowl Food of 2021  by Samantha Stefancin

2/10/21 – Meet the Team shaking up Climate Models by Nichole Herendeen 

2/10/21 – Groundhog Day 2021 by Ronja Markoff

2/10/21- Groundhog Day 2021 in Different States by Brooke Sell

2/10/21- Side Hustling as a High School Student by Kaden Selby

2/10/21- A gloomy Groundhog Day: Punxsutawney Phil says more winter  by Mary Cowan

2/10/21- Tom Brady Is Back in the Super Bowl, Because of Course He Is by Jaclyn Hummer

2/10/21 – What Students Are Saying About Healthy Diets, Wild Weather and the Consequences of Social Media by Jacob Maniawski

2/10/12-Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine by Ryan Stuart

2/10/21 – Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter by Jenny Kapcio

2/10/21- Coronavirus’s impact on hockey by Brendan Garvey

2/10/21- Why cooking and baking fill a void by Luci Blazek

2/5/21-Researchers Improve Data Readout By Using ‘Quantum Entanglement’-by Madison Vrudney

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