• Dr. Herpy

Never Missing Never Found

Never Missing Never Found was written by author Amanda Panitch. She tells the fictional story of an abduction survivor. Trying to live a normal life, the teen gets a job at an amusement park. While this experience sounds like a good thing, it quickly takes a turn for the worse when she hears one of the park workers has gone missing. This floods her mind with memories she was better off forgetting. There are also weird things going on around the park that add to the eeriness of the story. Everyone is on edge. The main character, Scarlett, expresses a familiarity towards one of the other workers. No one knows where to draw the line between possibility and paranoia. With strange interactions and scary events, Scarlett is trying to piece this puzzle together as well as she can. The novel keeps you excited by delivering new details and including new events. As the reader, you spend most of the novel trying to figure out how everything could add up. However, when the truth is revealed, you most likely never saw it coming. This thrilling book has around 300 pages but was a relatively quick read. With all the action it was easy to keep reading. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as an academic read but more so a book to read during your free time. The book presents rather simple sentence structures and words. Although, the great mix of content ranging from suspense to romance could keep any young-adult reader entertained. I would overall rate this book a 9.5/10 when compared to novels of this reading level and genre. It was very well executed for maintaining a lower level. If you enjoy reading this book, the author has another book called Damage Done which falls in the same genre.