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Murph & Co. Has Products!

Murph & Co. New Products!

Murph & Co. has released their first wave of new, amazing products which consist of stickers, t-shirts, and masks. There are three different stickers to choose from: a retro Seniors and Kenston sticker in white, yellow, and orange and a tie dye peace sign sticker. Stickers sell for $1.00 or buy all 3 for only $2.00. The t-shirt includes a retro design which features a Cleveland logo with multiple colors on a clean yellow shirt. The Cleveland Retro T-shirt sells for $12.00 and comes in multiple sizes. There are four different masks to choose from: white, purple, grey, and navy masks with the Kenston bomber star on the side. All masks sell for $7.00 or buy two masks for $12.00. The sales of all products end October 5th. Stop by Mr. Murphy’s room C221 to buy some of these amazing products before they’re gone.

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Instagram: @murph_andco