• Dr. Herpy

New York’s Countdown

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A New York Clock That Told Time Now Tells the Time Remaining


This incredible display in New York City used to count down the hours left until midnight. It has now been given a more important job. The clock is counting down the time we have left before irreversible global warming is a reality. The sign first displayed the message “Earth has a deadline” and then proceeded to show that we have 7 years, 103 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes, and 7 seconds left. The Climate Clock doesn’t have a permanent place in the metronome. However, the creators are working to find the numbers a new home in hopes of keeping the urgency alive.

Personal Reflection

Global warming has been a relevant concern for years. This clock definitely puts matters into perspective. With roughly 7 years before it is irreversible, people have definitely realized that more action needs to be taken. I think that if we all made some small changes to our lives, we could make a huge impact. So, although the deadline is closer than wanted, we do have the ability to slow it down. Over time more eco-friendly technology will inevitably be developed. For example, more cars that run on something besides harmful gas. Until then, we can participate in some of the following actions in order to help our planet:

  • Bring your own shopping bags
  • Turn off the lights when they do not need to be used
  • Reduce the amount of used hot water
  • Use reusable towels instead of paper towels
  • Do your best to spread awareness about the issue and the actions one can take to help