• Dr. Herpy

Covid-19 Weekly Update October 5, 2020

By: Lauren Jaroch

In the last seven days, the number of new reported cases around the world comes to a total of 2,000,967 people and 36,475 deaths making the total 34 million cases, 1.01 million deaths, and 23.7 million recovered cases. With 38

percent of the world’s new cases and 52 percent of all the global deaths being in America, America continues to possess the most cases and deaths of Covid-19 than the rest of the world with 766,526 new cases, 19,027 new deaths, 7.34 million total cases, and 210,000 total deaths. The second most affected region after America is South-East Asia which accounts for 21 percent of the world’s new cases and 11 percent of the world’s new deaths. Although the cases in South-east Asia have decreased by 7 percent and deaths by 3 percent in the last week, the total of cases is 10,556,541 and 193,703 deaths. In the African Region the number of cases and deaths has decreased 14 percent within the last seven days. This week Africa has 26,945 new cases and new 724 deaths bringing the total to 1,481,990 cases and 35,747 deaths. In the Eastern Mediterranean Region, the number of new cases and deaths have been increasing by 9 percent with 124,482 new cases and 2,704 new deaths. In the European Region, cases and deaths reported have increased by 5 percent within the last seven days with France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Russia containing the most. The number of new cases in Europe is 418,719 and 4,547 new deaths bringing the total to 4,985,845 cases and 222,085 deaths. The Western Pacific regions continue to show the lowest amount of cases and deaths only consisting of 2 percent of the world’s cases and 1 percent of the world’s deaths bring their total cases to 22,986 and deaths to 462.

            In Ohio, there are 993 new cases of Covid-19 bringing the total to 151,802 cases and 4,749 deaths alone as of September 28th. 15,307 people have been hospitalized and are in recovery. In Geauga County, there are currently 735 total cases and there have been 49 total deaths since March. Currently, within the Kenston school district, there is one case in the Intermediate School building and four cumulative cases in the district. While safety protocols are still being enforced and put in place in Ohio and Kenston Schools, the spread of Covid-19 continues to increase but has been lessened by the help of everyone who wears a face covering when in public, remains six feet apart from others, and sanitizes their hands constantly.