• Dr. Herpy

Interview with Senior Captain Natalie Adante After Tough Loss Against Magnificat

On Thursday, October 1st, the Lady Bombers lost when on the road against Magnificat High School, 0-1. Overall the girls fought hard throughout the 80 minute game. At halftime, the score was 0-0, although within the 6th minute of the second half, senior Claire Bulic was able to score on the Lady Bombers. The Bombers record is now 7-2. 

My interview with Senior Captain Natalie Adante is posted below:


Q1: What do you think the team did successfully in the game against Magnificat?

A1: I think the team did very well with not putting our heads down after we were scored on, we have had problems with our mentality in the past, but this game it wasn’t a problem for us. As a captain, I am truly proud of us for that. 


Q2: What could the Lady Bombers improve on game wise? 

A2: As a team we need to improve on finishing in the final third, our ball movement is incredible throughout the game and we play at a very high intensity, but the goals are what we really needed last night to win. 


Q3: Was the game competitive? How so?

A3: The game was extremely competitive, it was such a good game, both teams were highly aggressive, both teams had really good ball movement, it was one of the most competitive matches we have had this season so far. 


Q4: What are your goals as a Senior Captain this season for your team?

A4: My goals as a Senior Captain is for the team to end the season with a goals against average below 1, win the WRC for the 3rd year in a row, and to win the first ever district championship for the Kenston Girls Soccer Team. 


Next week, the Kenston Girls Soccer Team will be away at Chardon for their 5th WRC game on Tuesday, October 6th, away at Aurora on Thursday, October 8th, and home against Willoughby South for their 6th WRC game on Saturday, October 10th.