• Dr. Herpy

10 Tips for Better Sleep

As high school students with extremely busy schedules and almost no time to ourselves, sleep is something that isn’t necessarily the priority at all. Many students have so much going on that they are constantly stressed and their minds are reeling all the time. In order to feel energized for the busy day ahead and keep up your immunity in order to fight off diseases, Andy Corbley writes about 10 helpful tips that are proven to promote a better night’s sleep.

  • Keep your room cold and dark. The darkness and cold temperatures remind the brain that it’s time to sleep and helps naturally induce sleep.
  • Clean up your room. A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind!
  • Avoid blue light. Blue light is the light that is present during the day, and when we are exposed to this type of light in the nighttime, our brains are tricked into thinking it’s still day. Using electronics with a red or orange filter can be beneficial during the darker hours.
  • Find the right mattress for you. Optimal comfort while sleeping is one of the best ways to stay asleep all night! There are so many technologically advanced mattresses that can help you find your perfect fit.
  • Spend part of your day like a hunter-gatherer. Going outside and getting some sun, exercising, and avoiding napping are scientifically proven ways to increase your sleep quality.
  • Take note of your coffee consumption. Experts say that coffee is beneficial in many ways, but should be cut off at noon to prepare the body for sleep and drain all those coffee molecules out of the bloodstream. A half molecule of caffeine sticks around for 3-7 hours, and one cup of coffee in the evening can disrupt sleep by 20%. 
  • Stick to a sleep schedule. Doing this on a regular basis helps your body get used to the habit of shutting down easily every night.
  • Ignore your text tones. Checking your devices before bed can distract your brain and cause stress.
  • Make your bedroom the most quiet room in the house. Many noises around you are picked up by the brain during sleep, and can cause your body to shift from deep sleep to a lighter sleep.
  • Take supplements, not Ambien. Natural sleep is much more beneficial than taking sleeping aids, because they just act as a sedative and don’t place your body in the same sleep benefit zone. Taking more natural chemicals instead is a much better way to get the desired effect.