• Dr. Herpy

Weekly Covid-19 Update

By: Lauren Jaroch

             In the week of October 5th, 234,631 new Covid-19 cases have been reported adding to the 36,237,403 total confirmed cases around the world. 4,051 new Covid-19 deaths have been reported adding to the 1,039,406 total confirmed deaths around the world. Although the numbers continue to increase, 24.8 million people with a confirmed case have recovered. Again having the most deaths and cases, America has 7,471,688 total cases and 210,338 total deaths. The country with the second most cases is the South-East Asia region with 7,488,605 total cases and 121,301 total deaths. The Europe region has a total of 6,337,772 cases and 241,444 deaths. Africa has 1,206,767 total cases and 26,414 total deaths. And finally the Western Pacific region with the least deaths and cases has 633,080 total cases and 13,806 deaths.

           Today in Ohio, there are a total of 160,000 cases and 4,931 deaths. In Geauga county, 750 total cases and 49 total deaths have been confirmed since March of 2020 with only 45 new cases being reported in the last month. As of October 6th there is one active case in the Kenston Intermediate school, one case at Kenston high school, and currently four cumulative cases as of the first day of school on August 31st, 2020. As a result of the number of Covid-19 cases, face coverings continue to be worn in schools and in public at all times. Hand sanitizer and hand washing is being strongly encouraged. If you are experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus or not feeling well, stay home to keep you and others safe.