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Why the pressure is on for this year’s vice presidential debate

Why the pressure is on for this year’s vice presidential debate


The Vice Presidential Debate coming up this week has taken an unprecedented significance because of President Donald Trump’s health conditions. A recent poll has shown that President Trump trails behind candidate Joe Biden by 10 percentage points nationally, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Many are concerned about Trump’s carelessness about COVID-19, which may cause voters to reconsider their options. This is a serious drawback and brings even more significance to the Vice-Presidential Debate. If either Joe Biden or Donald Trump end up with serious conditions, voters need to be sure that their Vice President can make proper decisions on important matters in the country. 

Mike Pence, Trump’s choice of Vice President, has been shown to be even-tempered and well mannered when it comes to debates. As opposed to Donald Trump, Mike Pence is expected to handle the debate well, and many think that he may be able to lead if Donald Trump stays sick. Michael Steel states, “The vice president can make a more cogent and thoughtful case for the Trump administration’s record than almost anyone else”(Oliphant-Mason, 12, para). 

Ms. Harris, the vice president for the Democratic party, has been known to be a good questioner in the 2018 hearings for Brett Kavanaugh, and can “make a very forceful case”(Oliphant-Mason, 16, para). Along with further efforts to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 during the debate, the Biden campaign has requested for plexiglass barriers. This can be seen as a sign of thoughtfulness and care towards the safety of themselves and others in the midst of a global crisis. This, in turn, may affect some voters’ decisions when choosing a candidate.


In my opinion, this article was informative and interesting. It gave a good understanding of why this vice-presidential debate was more important than those in the past. It seemed to be unbiased and useful for potential voters.