• Dr. Herpy

COVID-19 Gives Americans Newfound Appreciation of the Outdoors

A recent survey concludes that 6 in 10 people have found a new appreciation for nature because of quarantine. Polls are showing that people are feeling a boost in their moods as they experience the outdoors more than they used to. A great way to feel good during this time and still try new things is to get some time outdoors exploring local trails, parks, and lakes. Around the Bainbridge area, there are so many cool spots to visit and experience nature close to home! By getting outside and exercising, you can feel more accomplished by building muscle and endurance while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These habits that people are building during the pandemic can carry on into the rest of your life, and influence your lifelong wellness. Some fun activities to try this year include: running, fishing, cycling, swimming, hiking, kayaking, and gardening. But these are just a few of the possibilities! Get outside and build healthy habits for the future.