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Weekly World News

This week’s world newsflash:

On Monday, as we all know President Donald Trump along with the first lady have recently tested positive for Coronavirus. Around 42 hours after testing positive Trump tweeted out that he was feeling much better after being given a sundry mix of medications which the president refers to as “miracles coming down from god”. Although these medicines are not yet definitely known to beat the virus but are thought to help mediate the virus symptoms. Luckily for President Trump these medications seem to be working as doctors are saying he is continuously improving. The medicines Trump is currently taking include remdesivir, Regeneron monoclonal antibody “cocktail”, dexamethasone, famotidine, zinc, vitamin d, melatonin, and daily aspirin. There are mixed views on whether these medications are actually helping fight the virus or just suppressing the symptoms. Many scientists say that there is not enough data to recommend one way or another but many people say that taking these many medications at once will have more risks than benefits. 

On Tuesday, scientists have just now created a super enzyme that can break down plastic in a mere hours. This discovery will triple the speed at which the plastic polymers are undone and will provide a serious opportunity to win the fight against plastic pollution. In 2016, Japanese scientists discovered a bug that lived on plastic trash mounds and actually ate the plastic material. The insect was able to disconnect the polymers of polyethylene terapthalate which was one of the most common plastic used in making water bottles and clothing. Now, Professor John McGeehan has created a superior version of it in his lab by accident. This enzyme sped up the depolymerization of plastic time significantly. With this newfound resource we may have a chance to win the war on plastic that ravages our world. 

On Wednesday, long distance runner Marios Giannakou carried disabled companion Eleftheria Tosiou piggy back style up Mount Olympus fulfilling her lifelong dream. Giannakou had already made this daring journey to reach Mount Olympus highest 50 times but this time he decided to bring along a friend. After meeting, Tosiou told Giannakou her lifelong dream of experiencing this breathtaking summit herself and it seemed only natural for him to rise to the occasion and take her on this journey. Tosiou was then securely harnessed to Giannakou in a specially modified backpack as they began their journey, along with an 8 member support team, to start the grueling ascent of Olympias’s tallest peak, Mount Myikas. After a 10 hour climb the pair reached the  2,918-meter summit and with that fulfilling Tosiou dreams. Giannakou posts on his Instagram saying that for him winning all the international races and medals compares very little to completing this amazing girls dream. 

On Thursday, NASA scientist Donald Kessler warns of a potential catastrophic cascading chain reaction in outer space. Today known as “Kessler Syndrome,” the theory posited that space above Earth could one day become so crowded, so polluted with both active satellites and the detritus of space explorations past, that it could render future space endeavors more difficult, if not impossible. The CEO of Rocket Lab said the company is already starting to experience the effect of growing congestion in  outer space. The sheer number of objects in space is making it increasingly more difficult to find a clear path for rockets to launch satellites says Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck. A major part of this problem is because outer space remains largely unregulated with the last known agreed upon international treaty being neglected for the past 5 decades.  Researchers have warned for decades that congestion in outer space could have devastating consequences. Kessler’s warning said that if space traffic becomes too dense, a single collision between two objects could set off a disastrous chain reaction that effectively turns the space around Earth into an extraterrestrial wasteland. To prevent this disaster Rocket Lab has just now started an organization to “police” outer space in order to control space traffic and prevent catastrophic events. Rocket Lab continues to work on a solution to this ongoing problem and hopes to find a solution in order to prevent any events that could limit future space exploration.

On Friday, President Trump has officially completed his course of treatment and has been cleared to return to public engagement by this weekend. The President’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, says that the president had responded to the treatment “extremely well” and had “remained stable”. Mr. Trump later stated that he would probably take another COVID-19 test next Friday and plans to hold a rally over the weekend. Many people still think Trump should remain under observation and hold off on any public affairs.