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Why Male Baboons Benefit From Female Friends

Link: Why Male Baboons Benefit From Female Friends

By Elizabeth Preston

This article from nytimes.com is about why male baboons benefit from female friends. It talks about how baboons tussle, mate, and care for their young. Also how some are loners and others have lots of friends. The article says that “Researchers have been continuously observing savanna baboons in Kenya’s Amboseli basin since 1971.” They’ve amassed a data set that includes the births and deaths of hundreds of animals, as well as the baboons’ daily activities. One activity, grooming, is the basis for baboons’ social relationships. It says that many male and female baboons create strong relationships from grooming and it can make them live longer by taking parasites off each other. Another thing they found is that male and female baboons live longer if they have more female friends but they don’t now why. They say males having female friends can help them avoid conflict and reduce stress. They also believe that lower baboons have more female friends because they are not fighting to be a higher-ranking baboon. Researchers believe that there are more ways females help baboons but say they need further research.

I think that this article is very interesting. It is interesting because it lets us see baboons lives. It also helps us understand there social racking and how they interact with each other. The article also makes you think about how important friendship is and how it can improve baboons and other animals lives. The articles research also relates to humans because they say that like the baboons humans live longer lives if they have female or male friendships.