• Dr. Herpy

Kenston Preparing Students for Their Future

On Wednesday, October 14th, Kenston High School had College and Career Readiness Day.  While freshman and sophomores took the PSAT, juniors and seniors were able to go on college visits, take the SAT, and do anything to help them prepare for their future.  In these times especially, it is difficult for individuals to take such standardized exams.  By providing students with the opportunity to take the SAT,  Kenston gives them an advantage in the college application process.  This is one of the many reasons why Kenston is ranked 28th in college readiness of the 691 Ohio high schools.  Whether it be college or entering the workforce, the district’s care for the futures of its attendees goes beyond College and Career Readiness day.  They have implemented a “College Research” class to prepare high schoolers for a successful, independent life.  On top of this, the school has representatives from numerous colleges come and present to interested juniors and seniors.  Kenston is supporting the students’ futures and supplying them with the resources they need to succeed. 

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