• Dr. Herpy

Such a Fun Age

Author Kiley Reid wrote Such a Fun Age. This debut novel was published in 2019. It tells the story of a young black woman named Emira. She is a babysitter for the two children of Alix and Peter, who are white. Their kids are named Briar and Catherine. After Peter made an assumably racist comment on the news, their house was egged. As a result, Emira brings Briar to the supermarket. This safe place loses its meaning when a security guard questions Emira. They believe she has kidnapped the child because it is late and she is a woman of color. The novel goes on to address more modern aspects of racism and how they fit into our society. It provides the reader with not only a relevant message but a great storyline. Love is also brought into the book with a relationship between Emira and someone from the past. This element also gets tied back into the main motif of the book. The author does an incredible job including simple events or ideas that relate back to her main point. This keeps the reader intrigued. The book covers great material and is roughly 305 pages, a relatively quick read. I think this is a great intellectual read when it comes to contemplating modern society. However, there is some profanity and content in the book that make it a novel for teens and adults. I would rate this book an 8/10. Kiley Reid hasn’t written any other works since, but she executed her first novel very well.