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US election 2020 polls

Article Title: US election 2020 polls: Who is ahead – Trump or Biden?


From BBC News




The former Vice President Joe Biden is currently in the running for the next American Democratic President against the current Republican president Donald Trump. As of September the 30th Biden is winning the National Polls 51% to 43%, however, the National Polls are just a good indicator to see who the most popular candidate is but it’s not always accurate. This was proven in the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton ran against Donald Trump and was winning the National Polls with about 62% – 27%.Although Clinton was winning the National  Polls and eventually won the popular vote, Trump won the electoral vote in the end. With this in mind, the two running candidates need to be smart with the states they go about winning over, some states that could decide the election are Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and a few other swing states. These states are so important to the election because they have such a high amount of electoral votes which can make the popular vote irrelevant. As of now all the swing states are taken by Biden other than Texas and Georgia who Trump is winning and also Iowa who is tied at 46% between the two candidates. With all this said, Biden is winning the National Polls (51%-43%) however based on the last election and with Covid-19 causing Americans to vote through mail the election can be taken by either candidate. 


Personal Reflection: 


From this article I am able to gather that popular vote shouldn’t be the main focus of the Presidential candidate running, instead they should focus on the states they are getting their votes from. The article says that the electoral vote (votes given from the winning states) are more important than the sole vote from a single person. In the end this means that Biden is currently winning in the popular vote however this may change when all the votes are tallied up; this includes the electoral votes.