• Dr. Herpy

2020 Volleyball Playoffs

To start off the playoffs for the 2020 varsity volleyball season, the Kenston Bombers took on Canton South on October 20. It was the last home game and the team, especially the seniors, were ready to take the win. The girls executed fast-paced plays and were able to dominate on the court. They took the first set 25-10, the second set 25-11, and the third set 25-12. Winning all three sets, they advanced to the next round of playoffs. On October 22, the Bombers headed to West Branch hoping for yet another win. Before the game, Coach Everts expressed the following: “The goal is to keep the energy up and keep them out of system.” The athletes took the court with a strong desire to do so. They managed to keep West Branch out of system multiple times. However, the team was good at adjusting. This made for close scores, long rallies, and a lot of hard work. The first set was 16-25. Adjusting to the opponent’s ways of playing, the Bombers fought hard for the win and finished 22-25 for the second set. The third set score was 25-19. This was a hard loss for the team. The athletes made much progress throughout the season and although they wanted the win more than anything, they gave it their all and knew they did their best. The 2020 varsity volleyball season has come to an end; until next year.