• Dr. Herpy

10/26 Weekly COVID-19 Update

By: Lauren Jaroch

Over the last seven days, 338,096 new cases and 4,556 new deaths have been reported globally.  This brings the global total to 39,944,882 cases and 1,111,998 deaths. Looking closer into different regions of the world, the Americas hold the most confirmed cases at 18,709,984 and confirmed deaths at 607,396. South-East Asia has confirmed 8,489,775 cases and 134,509 deaths. Europe has a total of 8,027, 954 confirmed cases and 256,540 confirmed deaths. The Eastern Mediterranean Region has 2,768,846 cases and 70,339 deaths. Africa has a total of 1,263,624 cases and 28, 412 deaths. And finally the last region is the Western Pacific, only having 683,958 cases and 14,789 deaths. Case and death numbers are increasing all over the world however, 27.5 million people have recovered from the Coronavirus.

Over the past few days, the number of cases and deaths reported in Ohio have increased as well. 182,000 cases and 5,067 deaths have been confirmed as of October 19th. Far down on the list of Ohio counties from most infected to least, Geauga County has confirmed 819 cases and 50 deaths. Within the Kenston School District there have been two new cases reported in the high school and one new case in the middle school among the students. Now, Kenston has a total of six cases and was rated Level 2 by the Ohio Public Health Advisory System. As these numbers across the world and in our home town continue to steadily increase, questions are asked: Will we all soon go online to learn? How much longer is this going to last?