• Dr. Herpy

11/5 Weekly Covid-19 Update

By: Lauren Jaroch

Going into the new month of November, we continue to see an increase of Covid-19 cases and deaths around the world and in Ohio. In the last week, 223,280 new cases have been confirmed around the world and 3,718 deaths. This brings the total of global Covid-19 cases to 46,166,182 and 1,196,362 deaths. While the Americas take the lead with 20,616,596 cases and 641,666 deaths, Europe’s numbers are nearly half of that with a total of 11,062,715 cases and 285,135 deaths. South-East Asia has confirmed 9,305,253 cases and 144,827 deaths. The Eastern Mediterranean region confirmed 3,118,628 cases and 79,344 deaths. Africa has a total of 1,324,258 cases and 29,785 deaths. And finally the Western pacific region has 737,991 cases and 15,592 deaths. Ohio has seen an increase of cases with the average being about 2,900 new cases every day bringing the total to 221,909 cases and 5,340 deaths. Geauga county has a total of 50 deaths and 1,001 cases and gains about 10 new ones every day. According to the Ohio Public Health Advisory System, Geauga county is in the red zone or Level 3 which is a public emergency with very high exposure and spread and we are told to limit activities as much as possible. As restrictions and precautions continue to be made and put in place, are we going to see another spike of cases? Are we going to continue to be able to go to school in person?