• Dr. Herpy

Live Updates: 2020 Election

Link  ~  https://apps.npr.org/liveblogs/20201103-election/


Joe Biden and President Trump have now surpassed Obama for the most votes in history. So far, 73.5 million Amercans have voted in this election, which topped the 69.5 million that Obama had. In total, more than 145 million votes have been cast in the 2020 presidential election, the most ever and climbing. California — where almost 13 million votes have been counted — has reported just 66% of its total so far. New Jersey has reported just 71%; New York, 78%; and Texas, 85%. With the margin still paper-thin, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has now taken the lead in Georgia as election officials there work to finish counting mail ballots. He only leads in Georgia by about 917 votes.

I think that all of this is great. The young people of our great nation are starting to realize what makes us so great. Our democracy. They realize they have a privilege that a lot of other countries don’t have. The right to vote and if you don’t exercise that right then one day it might not be there. It also goes to show that every vote counts, in places like Georgia it shows that because the margins are so thin.