• Dr. Herpy

Summary of DeWine’s 11/11 Update

As the COVID-19 cases hit an all-time high this week, Ohio is in a “critical state” according to Governor Mike DeWine. On Tuesday, Ohio cases hit a record high, surpassing 6,000. DeWine comments on how the hospitals and first responders are becoming burnt out and overwhelmed with this new case flow as hospitalizations increase. Since we are entering the winter months, it is predicted that cases will increase due to being inside and other complications with the cold weather. DeWine emphasizes the need for mask-wearing, social distancing, and hand washing now more than ever. He also announced three new restrictions for Ohio, including businesses posting mask requirement signs outside their building, legal responsibility for customers not wearing a mask, and lastly a “retail compliance unit” to enforce these regulations and give appropriate consequences. In addition, social gatherings are restricted to 10 people and on November 19, the governor will make a decision as to whether there is a necessity for closure of restaurants and gyms. As DeWine shifted into speaking of schools, we are reminded that if the cases continue to rise, there may have to be forced closures. Although schools are doing well, I think we all need to be diligent about following the rules set out for us in order to continue in-person learning.