• Dr. Herpy

Facebook Says It’s Doing A Better Job Of Catching Hate Speech Before Users See It



Most recently, Facebook, a major social media platform has been severely cutting down on the amount of “hate speech” allowed. Back in July, Facebook reported that its users were seeing roughly about 1 post of hate speech for every 1,000 regular posts. This is the first time Facebook has publicly estimated the prevalence of hate speech on its platform, giving a sense of scale of the problem. From July to September, Facebook said it removed 22.1 million pieces of hate speech content from its namesake platform and 6.5 million pieces from Instagram. It said 95% of that content was proactively identified and removed before users reported it. This is a tremendous improvement from 2017, where Facebook had removed only 24%  of that provocative content. However, civil groups think that the global platform must do even more. Vanita Gupta, CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said it was “encouraging” that Facebook was taking steps to address hateful content but said the company must do more. “We’ve seen far too often that virtual content can result in real-world violence,” she said.

I personally believe that Facebook is doing a great job at monitoring their audience, but I also know there are a tremendous amount of people who disagree with what Facebook is doing. They believe that the global platform is infringing on their first amendment right, now whether you believe what Facebook is doing is a good thing or not is up for you to decide.


By Jake Eastburn