• Dr. Herpy

Coping With Stress During Coronavirus

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19

Pandemics are an overwhelming time because people have to face isolation and loneliness. On top of that, there is a common fear of the virus itself and the anxiety that comes with that fear. According to the article, your emotional and physical background, social support system, and community play a role in how you are affected by the pandemic. Some of the groups it addresses are children, teens, and those with underlying medical conditions. The frontline healthcare workers also have a specific section. It encourages you to maintain social connections through text or video chat in order to make the entire community feel connected. To cope with the stress you can also exercise, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthy. Being amidst the holiday season is having an impact on many people. A time that is supposed to be spent with the entire family is changing this year. Many people don’t want to travel or be in large groups in fear of catching covid as the numbers are on the rise. So, the holidays will surely look different this year. This season can already be stressful without the addition of a pandemic. This article breaks down the different groups of people and how they can each be affected. It allows people to get a more specific response and understanding. For teens, it recommends keeping a schedule for events like schoolwork, relaxation, and connecting with friends. There are also listed ways to cope for people who are not sure of what to do. Overall I think this article could benefit many people during this time.