• Dr. Herpy

Student Profiles- Rachel Weber

Rachel Weber is a senior here at Kenston High School. She transferred to this school from her old school, Nicolet High School, at the beginning of her sophomore year. The family of 7 moved to Bainbridge from Wisconsin due to a new job opportunity for her dad. Weber has been an involved figure in the district, being a member of Kenston Connect, National Honors Society, and Spanish Club, and a former member of the varsity volleyball team and Gardening Club. Outside of school this hard- working girl stays occupied by hanging out with her friends, babysitting, and watching her 4 younger brothers. Freshman, Samuel Weber, is the oldest son in the family, followed by 7th grade triplets, Owen, Grant, and Ryan. This family definitely stays busy bustling from basketball, to lacrosse, to baseball practices for all of the boys. Rachel and her brothers provide the perfect example of how new students are seamlessly absorbed into the Kenston community.