• Dr. Herpy

12/11 Weekly Covid-19 Update

By: Lauren Jaroch
Every day about 307,033 new cases of Covid-19 are reported. This adds to the total of 66,729,375 existing cases globally. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, 1,535,982 lives around the world have been lost to the deadly virus. Narrowing the number of global cases into regions, the Americas have the highest number of confirmed cases at 28,591,241 and 753,210 deaths. Europe has 20,154,730 cases and 452,065 deaths. The South-East Asia region has 11,151,858 total cases and 169,670 deaths. The Eastern Mediterranean region has a total of 4,348,215 cases and 108,518 deaths. Africa has 1,556,168 cases and 34,660 deaths. And the Western Pacific region has a total of 926,419 cases and 17,846 deaths.
Today in Ohio, there have been 484,297 total cases confirmed. 29,569 people have been hospitalized with the virus and 7,022 deaths have been confirmed. Franklin county and Cuyahoga country are the top two counties in Ohio that have the most cases and deaths. Geauga county is the 38th county with the most cases of about 2,803 cases, 212 people are being hospitalized, and 51 deaths have been confirmed. Within the Kenston School District, there are currently 3 positive cases in the middle school and 1 positive case in the high school. There have been a total of 29 students within the district who have recovered and are no longer positive. As for the staff, 3 staff members in the middle school are positive for Corona virus and 1 staff members in the transportation department. A total of 7 staff members have recovered after being positive. Due to the number of cases in the school and the Level 3 Ohio Public Health Advisory System Rating, all Kenston school buildings have moved to online learning. Continue to wear a mask in public and wash your hands often. Stay safe!