• Dr. Herpy

Ohio outlines dates to begin vaccinating elderly, school employees

The next phase of Ohio’s COVID-19 vaccination plan will begin on January 19. The vaccine is going to be available to people 80 and older. Governor Mike DeWine says, “The Department of Health has approximately 1,700 providers already registered to distribute vaccinations and will add more. This coming Monday, we will hold a webinar for registered providers that outline our expectations and instructions for distribution.” The week of February 1st, Ohio will start giving the vaccine to school personnel. There will be enough vaccines for school employees who want one to receive the first dose by March 1st.

This is good news for school employees and elderly. By giving school employees the opportunity to receive the vaccines can help the teachers to be less concerned about returning back to school and being surrounded by students and other staff members. Since people 65 and older are more susceptible, the vaccine can help save them from experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 and have less of a chance of getting the virus. To read more click here.