• Dr. Herpy

2020-2021 Gymnastics Senior Night

January 22, 2021


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Maddy Baucco

Maddy Baucco, accompanied by her parents, Rachel and Paul Baucco. Maddy has been a 4 year member of the gymnastics team here at Kenston. Upon graduation, Maddy will attend the University of Dayton and plans to study marketing. She would like to thank her parents and coaches for always supporting her and pushing her to be her best.

Brooke Bower

Brooke Bower, accompanied this evening by her parents, Lynda Repchick and Scott Bower. Brooke has been a 4 year member of the gymnastics team. In the fall, she will be attending Penn State and plans to major in business. She would to thank her parents, coaches and teammates for being supportive every season.

Maria Hammerle

Maria Hammerle, joined this evening by her parents, Cathy and Walter Hamnmerle. Maria is a 4 year member of the gymnastics team and has previously been a District Qualifier in the beam. After graduation, she plans on attending the University of Kentucky to study engineering. Maria would like to give a huge thanks to her coaches and parents for all their support.

Nancy Rodriguez-Jacobs

Nancy Rodriguez-Jacobs, accompanied by her Mom and Dad, Cynthia Rodriguez and Dayan Rodriguez. Nancy is a 2 year member of the gymnastics team at Kenston and has also been a 3 year member of the KHS cheer squad for football. In the fall, she plans on attending Clemson University to major in pre-professional health studies. Nancy would like to her parents for always being there for her. Her coaches for always pushing her to do better and her teammates for supporting her no matter what and creating a long lasting bond.

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