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Kenston’s Clay Foster, Courtney Keane sweep WRC diving titles

Published in The News-Herald
January 16, 2021
Chris Lillstrung
There wasn’t a podium available Jan. 16 for Western Reserve Conference diving at Mayfield — and not that there should be, of course, in an age of social distancing.

But Clay Foster hardly needs any help with reaching loftier heights.

Because the Kenston junior’s ascension in his craft takes care of finding elevation more than adequately.

Foster rolled to his third straight WRC title with a school-record score of 432.60.

The returning Division II state placer was dropping hammers throughout the afternoon, including receiving a few 8s from judges in a certain performance amid a season of uncertainty with the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Divers were not expecting a 6-5 split with the meet, with a break and warmup halfway, because 11-dive meets typically run on a 5-3-3 format depending on the number of divers entered. But Foster was not deterred in the least.

“I thought it was a really good meet,” Foster said. “I had a new dive in there, and I thought I had a really good meet. It was my first 11-dive meet, so I was a little nervous. But it went really well.”

Foster, the top boys non-senior diver in The News-Herald coverage area, who will take over as the area boys standard bearer when Hawken’s Angus Williams heads to Boston College next winter, was clinical.

He started his 11-dive regimen with a 48.00 on his second dive.

“It was a front 2 1/2,” Foster said. “That typically scores the highest for me. So I look forward to it. It’s a fun dive.”

The Bombers’ junior has another 40-plus on his fifth dive, a 42, and a near-40 on his seventh dive with a 39.90.

With a threepeat already firmly in hand — or perhaps to make it more diving-friendly, firmly in the well — Foster was electric in his final three dives.

He rattled off a 47.30, 46.20 and a 45.10 to close, drawing a warm round of applause as he concluded.

“That final three went well,” Foster said. “I had a new dive, an inward double, so that was a little nervous and it was lower scoring. But the rest went really well.”

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