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Snack of the Day

March 8th, 2021- S’mores Goldfish

Pepperidge Farms Goldfish S'mores | Pepperidge Farms Goldfis… | Flickr

March 4th, 2021- Motts Gummies

Mott's Assorted Fruit Flavored Snacks 10 Count

March 3rd, 2021- Teddy Grahams 

Honey Maid Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams | theimpulsivebuy | Flickr

March 2nd, 2021- Cheetos

Cheetos Crunchy - 28.3g

March 2nd, 2021- Chewy Dips Granola Bars

Quaker Chewy Dipps Peanut Butter Granola Bars (20-1.05 Oz) 21.1 Ounce 20 Pack Bag in Box

March 1st, 2021- Soft Pretzel Bites

File:-Pretzel bites with cheese from Troubadour Tavern at -Disneyland (-Fantasyland) are totally yummy! -Warm, -soft, & -salty. Mmmm. -foodporn -snacks -lunch -hotfood.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

February 26th, 2021- Mini Oreo’s

Mini oreo - 160 g

February 25th, 2021- Flipz Pretzels 


February 24th, 2021- Milano Cookies

Milano cookies

February 23rd, 2021- Fruit Roll-Ups

Fruit Roll Ups - - 141 g

February 22nd, 2021- Chips Ahoy

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February 19th, 2021- Little Bites

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February 18th, 2021- Gushers

Image result for gushers

February 17th, 2021- Salt and Vinegar Chips

Image result for salt and vinegar chips

February 16th, 2021- Frosted Animal Crackers

Image result for frosted animal crackers

February 12th, 2021- Traditional Chex Mix

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February 11th, 2021- Nilla Wafers

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February 10th, 2021- Cheez It’s

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February 9th, 2021- Oreo’s

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February 8th, 2021- Goldfish

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February 5th, 2021- Welch’s Fruit Snacks

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February 4th, 2021- Scooby Doo! Baked Graham Cracker Sticks

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