• Dr. Herpy

NHS Blood Drive 2021

Image result for red cross symbol Kenston’s National Honors Society has organized this year’s blood drive. The blood drive will take place during the school day on February 25, 2021 in both the auxiliary and main gym at the high school. Amelia Witmer-Rich and her committee have worked very carefully to make the process Covid-19 safe. The NHS members safely hosted 2 blood drives in April and June of the 2020 school year and therefore will be taking the same necessary precautions. There will be mask-wearing, social distancing and disinfecting throughout the day. This blood drive will help save so many lives, including: accident victims, cancer patients, people suffering from sickle-cell anemia, heart surgery patients and organ transplant patients. Every 2 seconds in the US, there are blood donations needed. Additionally, many blood drives at school and colleges have been closed due to the pandemic, making donations even more important. After giving blood, the donors will be provided with many different food options including: Chipotle, pizza, a variety of snacks and drinks etc. To be eligible to donate blood, you must be 16 years old and above. All students are required to fill out a parental consent form, which can be found in the guidance office. The requirements for height and weight can be found on the Kenston Student Portal as well as how to sign up. Please consider being a donor to help save lives and better our community. If you have any further questions please contact Amelia Witmer-Rich, @amelia.witmer-rich.2021@kenstonapps.org