• Dr. Herpy

Students Needed for Research Studies

The Junior AP Research class members have been preparing for their research projects since the beginning of the school year and are moving onto the data collection elements in their projects. Participants will be needed to help these students complete their studies and it would be greatly appreciated if you helped out. Each individual in this class has chosen their own research topic and have been on a personal journey to carry out their specific projects including reading and researching all areas of involvement revolving their subjects. Due to each class member having a different area of study, they all have their own personal data collection method as well. Below you will find a summary of each research study that needs student participation and a link to express your interest. You can participate in as many projects as you like and clicking the links does not commit you to anything. Parental consent will be required at some point throughout all studies. Please help out if you can or share to someone who might be interested. Feel free to contact the respective student researchers if you have any questions as well!

Ronja Markoff: Studying sleep deprivation in high school students in relation to their in-school and out-of-school involvement

This particular research study will consist of surveys participants will take to reflect on their sleep schedules and how their days correlate with each other. The survey linked below will help the researcher know you are interested and will provide a way for the Ronja to contact you in regards to involvement.

Find Ronja’s survey by clicking this link

Elena Lioudis: Studying the mental effects relating to stress from standardized testing

This research project investigates the relationship between test anxiety and pressure to perform from both internal and external sources, surrounding College Board- based standardized testing. Students in grades 9-12 who have taken or are currently taking at least 1 AP class are eligible to participate.

Find Elena’s survey by clicking this link

Rowan Collier: Studying how student personality correlated with student interest groups.

Currently, little is known about how students in similar interest groups share personality traits with other people within those interest groups. Your participation in this study will help improve the general body of knowledge concerning student personality research, and allow you to learn more about yourself by taking a personality test!

Find Rowan’s survey by clicking this link

Kaitlyn McFadden: Studying how the pandemic has impacted the social lives of teenagers

This research study will use surveys to collect information about your social lives before, during and after the pandemic to better understand Covid-19’s affect on high school students. If you would like to participate, please complete the survey linked below.

Find Kaitlyn’s survey by clicking this link


February 10, 2021