• Dr. Herpy

Weekly Art

Students of 3-D art, remember to pick your clay sculptures up. They have been there for a long time and are in need for their owners. Talk to the 3-D art teacher, Mrs. Bibza if you want to claim your sculpture. 

Art 4 student, Maggie Eibler painted a wonderful painting of a staircase of Stan Hywet mansion. She used a different point of perspective of the staircase to create a unique painting. Maggie had to choose her favorite piece of architecture, and decided to paint the 106 year old mansion. Eibler expressed the beauty of old architecture, careful not to undermine any part of it. Maggie allows the viewer to acknowledge the true beauty of the Stan Hywet mansion from the inside. When walking through the halls, be careful to see Maggi Eibler’s memorizing painting of Stan Hywet.

Along with Maggie’s painting, there were a couple of Art 1 students that created fantastic pieces of artwork. The pieces ranged from oil pastel shoes to colored pencil still life. Be mindful when walking through the halls to see the brilliant skill Art 1 students possess.