• Dr. Herpy

Weekly Art 2/12

This week in art, there were many wonderful artworks. The pieces of art consist of digital design and painting. One consists of a golden girl in the grass. The artist used brilliant colors to emphasize the girl. This painting can catch any eye wandering through the hallway. There was also a digital design piece of work; the person used their creative ideas to compose an excellent design. The design consists of a person with a heart going out of their face. The artwork also has many colors that correspond with each other, making the masterpiece ever so better. During this week, there was also a purple woman, wearing a golden mask. The contrasting colors of the yellow-gold and purple make this piece of work a beautiful sight. The painting is sure to catch any eye. The last piece of work consists of a girl who appears to be doing a headstand on a church, stained glass wall. The artwork has many beautiful colors that make the girl pop up. The style is different from others, but it pays off in an outstanding way.