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Despite Pandemic, Rescue Village Working to Find Pets Homes

Liv Moss | Bomber Media

Rescue Village is working hard to get cats and dogs adopted and into foster homes during the pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit, Rescue Village temporarily made the decision to stop all adoptions and tried to move all of their dogs and cats into foster homes as soon as possible.

Although adoptions have been opened again, they are still operating at half capacity and have eliminated meet and greets for cats/kittens, puppies, and small animals to reduce contact. Adoption and foster counseling is now done over the phone.

“After researching what other shelters were doing about adoptions, we decided to start slowly bringing animals in. Almost a year later, we have changed the way we do adoptions,” said Rescue Village adoptions coordinator Summer French.

Although intake numbers have been a lot lower than in previous years, people are still eager to adopt. The rate of adoption has stayed the same as before COVID-19, but there has been an increase in people saying they want to adopt and foster.

“For our foster program, I do think there has been an increase because people have more time on their hands. We get a lot of calls about people having all this free time and they want to volunteer or help us out in a way,” said French.
Since only a handful of volunteers have been allowed back, fostering has been used as a way for people to help during this time.

Animals are sent to foster care for medical reasons, behavioral reasons, and to help free up shelter space for more animals. Foster care animals can still be adopted.