• Dr. Herpy

Being a teen during COVID: A Kenston student’s perspective

As we all know Covid-19 has really shaken up our world. With social distancing, masks, and self quarantining becoming a norm it’s hard to do “regular” things. Everyone said it will be over in two weeks, that turned into two months, and now we are nearing one year. It is hard to be a teen during these times; Covid-19 is still a threat but it is very rarely deadly to this age group. This has made it very hard to feel like a kid and have those high school experiences our parents and older siblings had. It feels like everything has been taken from us, and as bad as the seniors had it last year it, is 10 times worse for the seniors this year. Last year the seniors got a ton of sympathy while this year’s seniors are supposed to accept that this is how it is and stop complaining about it because “at least they’re in school.” School isn’t the same. This is not how we are supposed to learn. Sitting behind a shield that you can’t even see through, being penalized for struggling with this new way of learning, or even talking to someone sitting “next” to you. Covid has taken a huge toll on the younger generation but no one seems to care. We are tired of feeling guilty for just wanting to be a teen again. 

To combat this, kids have found creative ways to safely work around Covid restrictions. It started with car circles. This is where people would meet in a parking lot with their cars in a circle with their trunks open and facing each other. All Covid restrictions are still being followed while allowing some sort of human interaction. Another way to help ease restrictions is to have a bubble. This is where a group of people only see that group of people. This is a bit more risky, but can work if everyone is smart about it. It is hard when everyone assumes a whole age group doesn’t take it seriously, because we are taking this seriously. When everyone says to us “yeah we know it’s tough, and it sucks” but adults don’t really know how we feel. Teens are not trying to be sneaky and find ways around Covid, we are just trying to find safe ways to be somewhat normal again. 

The city of Cleveland has done some unique things for “normal” experiences. Some restaurants have little domes outside so people can still enjoy their favorite food while still being safe. People are being smarter about masks and stores, restaurants, and schools are enforcing masks and social distancing rules/guidelines. People are staying outside and doing as many events outside as possible. Many people used their time to develop healthy habits such as dieting and cooking more balanced meals. Another widely developed habit is exercising more regularly. We just have to hold on a little longer through this thing. Vaccines are rolling out and a lot of high risk people have been vaccinated already. So stay safe and continue to be creative and use caution everywhere you go.

Article by: Samantha Stefancin