• Dr. Herpy

How COVID Affected Soccer – Interview With Nick Lai


COVID affected sports in many ways, and the soccer season happened during the worst parts of it.  Nick Lai, captain of the JV soccer team gives his perspective on the topic.  In this interview I get all the details from what it was like playing during such a difficult time.


How did the soccer season change with COVID?


“It changed a lot.  From summer workouts without being able to pass the ball, to learn we weren’t able to scrimmage, it changed a lot from my freshman season to sophomore season”.  


COVID restriction didn’t even allow players to share soccer balls when the season started, let alone scrimmage.  This is very uncommon because a usual season is hands on from the start working together and helping teammates.


 What was it like not knowing if the season would get canceled?


“For the seniors, it was especially hard because everyone works hard for their senior season, all the long car rides to play games and tournaments to lead up to this season.  For most it was gonna be the last time they were going to play so it was hard for them.  For me I just took it one day at a time and hoped for the best”. 


Even when it looked like the season would get cancelled, even though the season was stranger than normal, the senior class continued to put in 100% and led the team through uncertain times.


How did the coaches and players adapt to COVID changes?


“I feel like the coaches and players adapted to the changes we were given every week.  Like I said early the earlier summer workouts, we were very limited and we adapted pretty well.  I felt we did a nice job adapting to many changes the league gave us and we did well at keeping all our players healthy and not having any Covid outbreaks”.


There were many restrictions that the team had to adapt to, which were constantly changing.  Things were uncertain for most of the season, but the team stayed strong and pulled out a monster season, making a deep run in the state tournament.


-Troy Krahe