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KHS Sophomore’s Artwork Recognized in National Contest

Through the WoodsBy Tricia Woodland | Bomber Media

Sophomore Madison Vrudney’s artwork was recently selected as a top ten winner in a contest which received thousands of entries.

The Celebrating Art fall 2020 art anthology contest was open to any student in kindergarten through 12th grade. The contest is sponsored by Blick Art Supplies and top 10 students have their art published and are awarded a cash prize along with a free copy of the book. 

Vrudney’s winning piece is called “Through the Woods” and is a painting of her dog. She said she enjoyed painting this piece because she loves her dog and it was something she enjoyed spending her time working on.

Vrudney had actually forgotten about the competition until she recently received a notice that she had been chosen as a top 10 winner.

“I had forgotten about the competition, but was very excited to see that I had placed top 10,” said Vrudney. 

Vrudney’s success was no surprise to Kenston High School art teacher Andrea Quinn, who currently has Vrduney in her Art 2 class.

“Madison’s ability is above the normal ability for a person her age. She will continue to grow as an artist and continue to win competitions for the rest of her career,” said Quinn.

Vrudney hopes to continue improving her work with each piece she creates so she can make a future out of art. She enjoys making art and can picture it as something she would like to continue doing long term 

“I hope to be able to make a job out of it in my future,” said Vrudney.