• Dr. Herpy

The Unsung Hero of Preserving Maine’s Marine Mammals

“When Maine’s seals are in trouble, she gets the call” CNN Article

Summary: As concerns over the environment increase, more recognition is being given to those working to preserve the Earth and its creatures. Mary Doughty is a marine biologist who works for and with many organizations, particularly in Maine, to ensure the safety of the local ocean animals. Although her nonprofit organization Marine Mammals of Maine, which was started in 2011, mainly focuses and helps harbor seals that may be in danger, they are actually permitted to help all marine mammals within 2,500 miles of coastline. In total, she and her team have helped or responded to over 3,000 calls relating to struggling animals and their ocean habitat. When the global pandemic Covid-19 hit in 2020, Mary Doughty feared her nonprofit would no longer receive enough funds to maintain and uphold its busy work. Luckily, they were able to continue their service, as they were labeled as an essential service. Using a 24 hour phone line, Mary helped even more animals than before throughout the pandemic, as many other nonprofits were unfortunately temporarily closed their doors. Her goal is always to rehabilitate the mammals that come through her doors or are labeled as distressed back into their natural habitat, and she has been very successful in working towards that goal despite the recent setbacks others in her line of work has experienced/

Reflection:  I  am not sure if anyone can honestly say they are against animals, particularly seals, thriving in their environment and living successfully, which is why Mary Doughty’s work is so important. Without people like her and her team, marine mammals would suffer greatly not only from humanity’s actions themselves but also the lack of awareness that revolves around wildlife conservation. Doughty has been able to do society a huge favor and undertake the task of assisting and preserving Maine’s marine wildlife. It is undeniable that she has done impressive work revolving marine life and that her status as a CNN hero is well deserved. Covid-19 has affected all areas of the world, and while it is extremely unfortunate that well-meaning nonprofits similar to Marine Mammals of Maine, hard workers such as Mary continue their labor in pursuit of a better world.