• Dr. Herpy

Sign Up for C.E.C.!

Dear Future C.E.C. Student,

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the C.E.C. class, seeing several new faces, and wondering if I was in the right place; I can now say with confidence there wasn’t another place in the school I would rather be. I hope this letter helps you understand what to expect of your future in C.E.C.

Coming into the course, I knew only what my guidance counselor told me a couple weeks before the first day of school; it should be an easy elective that shouldn’t require too much work outside of school. While this may technically remain true, I believe there is a much better mindset to have on each day of class, and it goes as follows “this is an opportunity to grow and develop as an individual while building new relationships, learning and understanding an entirely new culture, and realizing how many small things we may take for granted.” If I was to write out all the wonderful attributes C.E.C. taught me, we would both be here for ages, so I’ll key in on one I feel I grew in the most, being patience. At first this may sound simple, but it was true for me. After working with each student in my class, I realized every one of them was completely different and required different amounts of assistance and coaxing in order to complete their assignments. Some students may catch on to what they’re learning very quickly, while others may need several minutes of explaining and persistence in order to complete a problem or grasp a new concept, and this is completely okay. Just be patient; give them however long they need within the allotted time frame to make sure your classmate understands what is being taught. 

Like I said before, there isn’t a crazy amount of work to be done outside of class, but you will be given roughly one assignment or project to complete each week. It is in your very best interest to make sure you complete each project the week they are assigned. Oftentimes they won’t have due dates on them, but take it from me, if you don’t make a priority of completing these assignments the week they are assigned, they can pile up before your eyes; and suddenly the work may seem more difficult than intended by your teacher. As long as you finish your work as it is assigned, the workload will be very manageable and not at all stressful.

On my first day, I read several letters from former students explaining the course, hoping for the best, but not yet convinced the class would be as grand as everyone described it to be. I mean, how could one have such a positive connection to a small class with a group of new peers you haven’t spent much time with- if any at all? I was admittedly sceptic, but I mean it when I say there is no place for skepticism. C.E.C. is a fun and fulfilling journey all the way to the end whether it be helping a friend with their work, decorating posters, jamming out to the Friday Song of the Week, or even painting an inspirational rock in the middle of a global pandemic. Without a shred of doubt, I can assure signing up for C.E.C. will be one of the best decisions of your high school career!

NOTE: The following photos are from Tuesday’s Art Work created by CEC students after school.