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Cibik’s Dairy Island Open for Summer

By Izzy Czernicki | Bomber Media

Cibik’s Dairy Island, an ice cream shop in Chagrin Falls, opened this year for its 46th summer.

Rick Cibik, the owner of the shop, continues this family-owned business for his 24th season.

This year Cibik has changed the layout of the store as well as added new items to the menu. Now at Cibik’s Dairy Island there are new vegan flavors including vegan banana as well as vegan chocolate martini. Cibik has also added peach cobbler, a new caramel pretzel specialty shake, and a pretzel logic parfait.

Cibik’s parents owned the business for 15 summers before he and his brother took over the shop in 1991. From there, Cibik left in 1995, then returned to run the shop by himself in 2017.

Once Cibik took over the business from his parents he made a lot of changes, such as making real custard with 10% butterfat. He also added the POS system to incorporate credit cards.

Before his family arrived, the business had been there for 18 years prior and was called Chagrin Dairy Bar. Dairy Island was established in 1976 by Cibik’s parents.

There are a lot of popular items at Cibik’s Dairy Island, including the Turtle Sundae, Mississippi Mudpie, E.T. Sundae, and so much more. Although the biggest seller is the small hurricane. Last year, Cibik sold 16,000 in one summer.

Cibik’s Dairy Island is very involved with the community with the annual Create Your Own Ice Cream contest and working with the surrounding schools. He is also a part of the Chamber of Commerce and enjoys working with the community and being a part of all the lives of employees he has met through the shop.